Topics: applications of ML, explainable AI

Search Transparency

Fall 2021
Advisor: Carsten Eickhoff

Currently, I am researching methods in informational retrieval and developing techniques to make search models more transparent and trustworthy.

Application of ML to Start-Up Investing

During my senior year at Wellesley, I worked with researchers from Glasswing Ventures to investigate influential factors for startup success.

Spring 2019
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian Tjaden
Glasswing Collaborator(s): Vlad Sejnoha, Jay Chava

Fall 2018
Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Katie Hall, Dr. Paul Ruvulo (Olin)
Glasswing Collaborator: Vlad Sejnoha
Also with: Olivia Strobl (‘19), Shreya Parjan (‘21), Donna Gan (‘20), and Tina Zhang (‘19)

Interactive Discovery of Semantics in Deep Networks

Summer 2017
Advisor: Dr. David Jensen
Graduate Student Mentor: Sam Witty

As a NSF REU participant, I worked in the Knowledge Discovery Lab at UMass Amherst conducting research on explainable AI. Alongside Sam Witty and Javier Burroni, I examined activations from Deepmind’s DNN trained to play Atari Breakout in order to describe the network’s reasoning in human understandable terms.