This page houses a collection of coding and research projects that I have completed throughout the years, mostly in pursuit of my undergraduate degree.

Programming Languages Used: Python, Java
Topics: recommender systems, NLP, probabilistic modelling, deep learning, GUIs

Wine Review Authorship Identification

Final Project for CS 305: Machine Learning
With Beryl Larson (‘19)

Natural Language Generation Comparison

Semester Project for CS 232: Artificial Intelligence
With Fiona Chung (‘18) and Safia Williams (‘19)

This project explores whether algorithms can be creative when learning, based on knowledge from music lyrics. The goal is to compare the performances of two language models: one that uses a Markov Chain and a second that uses a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). For each model, song lyrics are generated given a user’s input of genre, year, and/or artist. Performance is evaluated using two scores. The first is a comparison of similarities between the training data and the generated songs using a text comparison tool. The second is a variation of the Turing test, in which human subjects are shown lyrics and asked whether or not they think the lyrics were created by a human or a machine.

French Flashcards

Final Project for CS 230: Data Structures
With Violet Kozloff (‘17) and Safia Williams (‘19)